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1000 MILE 



1000 Miles in 2018! Whether you are an avid runner, jogger, walker, hiker, biker or just getting started in your heart health journey, there is no wrong way to get moving in 2018! Register yourself or register with a team and start counting your miles! If you go solo, or go with a group of 5, running, walking, biking or another cardio that logs distance you can pretty much count it all and get those miles. To help you stay motivated throughout the year, every month if you or your team logs 80 miles (or more) you will be entered to win some great prizes. Click the zebra heart to learn more. Register today and start winning with your heart health! 

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The 1k Heart Challenge is a virtual event that you can do anywhere. 


1. obtain 1000 miles from January 1st-december 31st.

2. report miles either on our Facebook events page or by email.

3. You can accumulate miles anyway you want. some ways to get miles are






miles are not limited to just these forms of exercise. We want you to get out there and be active so do it anyway you can, but anyway you do it, it should be a challenge. If you bike a 100 miles a week or more maybe you should try running instead. 

4. You can go alone or with a team. If you go alone you have a few perks. one perk you get is extra entrances to the raffle each month you hit the goal. And of course bragging rights! If you choose the team route, teams are 2-5 participants and you can divide miles in anyway you see fit. 

5. 80 miles a month!! That's right! Or 20 miles a week.  At the end of every month you will report your miles either on our FaceBook Events page or by Email Every mile reported is on your honor. 

6. Every time you or your team reaches 80 miles and does the proper reporting you will be entered into a drawing to win a monthly prize. How do you get entered in the drawing?

      * 1 entry every month you reach the goal (running, biking, hiking, swimming etc.)

      * 1 extra entry for going over the required miles 

      * 1 extra entry for completing the miles on your own

      * 1 extra entry for reaching 1000 miles

      * 1 extra entry for every 20 miles you go over 1000 miles

      * Biking miles for the raffle count as half. We do this because you can bike roughly 2 times as many miles as you can run or walk. This is only in regards to raffle entry. Your overall total miles will still be counted for every mile you cycle. To meet the monthly raffle entry by cycling you must cycle 160 miles. 

7. What do you get for all your hard work?

           Every participant who completes the 1000 mile challenge will receive a finishers medal, a certificate of completion with their total miles, and a car decal for bragging rights! 

8. Registration is open now until February 28th so don't miss out!


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