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Oh-yeah and Bring it on!

The week got a bit choppy Bradach my 5 year old came home with a cold. My husband got it and soon after I did. All those sick time cuddles usually end with getting what the other has. I love them though and wouldn't trade them for anything. I did get the virus and boy is it a doosey. Phil is over it now and Bradach and I are still plugging away. He mentioned most of the kids at school are sick and then while in bed the news noted that RSV is going around and one local hospital is dealing with an increase in hospitalizations with it since the beginning of the month. I of course googled it and sure enough our ear aches, sore throat, stuffy noses and coughs are on the symptom list. I was having chills and sweats and took my temp 99.8 so not too bad. Bradach had complained about being cold when it was not cold but no fever there. The cough is probably the worst with my chest pain and it seems to be settling in my upper chest now. I just don't have the strength to cough it up. Still trying to kick the cough, sore throat and stuffy nose but the fevers are settling down.

I didn't write this post though to say how sick I was. I was off of the net completely in bed for about 3 days. Even the Nook and mobile net was not utilized. So yes, I was sick because I didn't even check my FB as Phil would say. However to the GREAT part of the week. Friday I was still under the weather and sadly missed a wedding party I was looking forward to. Saturday came and I was feeling loads better. I had volunteered to help at a fundraiser for a young girl, Jessie, that had recently passed away this month from cancer. So I was so grateful to get to go and help out. For two hours I was just a real person! Seriously this sounds pathetic but this was really my first outing in a month. My arms are mini heaters for now. I went to the event with a jacket on and put sunblock on my face. When it got hot...about 5 minutes into it I took the jacket off and I don't think my arms have seen sun for a few years, lol.

Sunday rolled around and again I was blessed and pleased I got to see my son enjoy his Easter day. The excitement of being so young during a holiday. Another treat, I made it to church and felt well enough to stay for the whole thing! Not only that it was followed up by a day at my mom and dads with the little brother there as well. A few rounds of Uno and fun looking for eggs that we painted the night before made the afternoon one to love.

It was the perfect ending to the week. I relish the time that I get with my family. The last three years holidays have rarely been celebrated on the actual day as a family since I have been in the ICU for most of them and that includes not only my birthday but sadly my sons the last three years. So to get this whole weekend in was amazing.

Oh, about the pic this was taken I think during the 2 months that I felt good after my diagnoses and starting my meds. Some friends of ours went with us to the St. Anthony sand dunes and went swimming and dune jumping. Couldn't get enough of the dune jumping and my friend Tiff took some pretty cool pics of how the sand followed us when we jumped. So the pic depicts my feeling of how my week ended. Just perfect and I might be tiered but it was wan oh-yeah ending to a week and a bring it on start to the next week! This week starts with a trip to a specialist at the University of Utah on Tuesday I tried to make it to the appt last week but the cold kept me home. This week we are planning on getting there the night before just so I can go in my PJ's if need be.

~Keepin' it Beatin'

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