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A little late but thats part of the deal!

It's been a long break in between blogs. I apologize but that is how my life goes. I missed out on a lot of stuff during my week in bed. I did however get the chance to meet with my doctor in Utah. She still will not do surgery. She got my cardiology apt moved up and got me an appt with some doctors that can tell me why my vessels seem to clot up so much when aggravated. So things are moving forward. Definately a happy moment!

This morning I woke up earlier than normal after a normal nights sleep. Which is really unheard of since chest pain usually keeps me up and after so long I crash hard into the early morning hours. I got up and poured me some OJ to take my morning meds with and I noticed something normal missing. I have absolutely NO chest pain!!!! It took me a minute and I took some deep breaths expecting it to hit when I drank my juice but no beast showed up! What a great morning! I immediately called my husband since this is news to be broadcasted. His words were "That's great! But don't overdo it honey." I think he knows me all too well. Thoughts of what I could do today ran through my head. My immediate thought was to go get my son and head to the hills! Then the whole early part of getting up is a problem since he wont be out of school for a few hours yet. So I have a few projects that have been needing to be done since December so after I catch you all up on this I'll be busy. One thing that did change is that my Utah doc did give me the red light to take all meds but 2 of them and yesterday was the first day I had them all. I forgot how many I take but hey if I wake up like this every once in a while a handful of meds is okay with me!

I hope you all have a great day. BTW, Erin let me in on how much money has been raised. Thank you all so so much. Its going to be so great to get some people paid off. Its a huge stressor alongside health issues that shouldn't be there. It is there and this is going to help. So thank you.

~Keepin' it Beatin'

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