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Perfect dayz

This was a selfie that was photo bombed by some cute little boy. I think all of my selfies are photo bombed by him! One day I will get a pic that is not grainy. That of course would mean I would have to borrow my husbands phone. I am still using a flip phone...lucky it does take pics!

I had a really good weekend. Got some things done and Sunday was awesome. I got to attend all of church and help with a sacrament at the hospital. It was awesome! This picture was taken after my outtings and I think you can tell by my face that I was tiered. This is what I look like when I'm happy because I've been active. Bradach makes up for the energy part.

Anyway, I am headed out to Utah to see a specialist on anticoagulation at the Hemotology Center and an apt with my new cardiologist at the University of Utah. I have been waiting to see him for over a month. I hope that it is a productive apt and that we both come away with a plan and greater knowledge.

I come home Thursday after my appts. Phillip, my husband has surgery Thursday so please keep him in your prayers. It was supposed to be last Thursday but we had a chemical accident in the hose and he wasn't in any shape to go under anesthesia. So fingers crossed for this week.

My thought for this week ~Faith conquers all Fear~

~Keepin' it Beatin'

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