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Home, finally!!

Its been a while since I have posted and for a reason. I went to Utah the 5th of May to see my cardiologist and I also needed to see my hematologist on the 8th. My hematologist confirmed that I need to be on life long anti-coagulation so surgery is necessary or I will be in the hospital for more blood transfusions. After my early morning apt I went back to the hotel to rest for a few hours before driving 3 hours to home. Phillip my husband had surgery that day and I was anxious to get back and help him through the next few days.

My chest pain started about a half hour after packing up my stuff so I plopped down on the bed and plastered on some Nitro. About a half hour before check out I was still suffering with no relief and actually the pain was picking up. I didn't want to be charged an extra day and I knew my dad was in town for business so I called him to find out what to do since I was all alone this trip. I ended up calling down to the front desk and the hotel graciously extended my check out time, offered the room for another night if needed also help with getting my luggage to my car (not generally a provided amenity there) and also an offer to take me to the hospital if I needed to go in. I was thankful to know that someone close at least knew I was not doing so hot. About an hour and a half later I made the decision to get help with my stuff and go into the hospital.

A short time in the ER a plan was made and I was transferred to the cardiovascular ICU (CVICU) I was put on my Nitro drip via IV and titrated uo to 260 mcg's a minute which a normal person could tolerate about 30 mcg's a minute without a drop in BP or loosing the BP all together. During the stay I was stuck for peripheral IV's over 12 times in my arms legs and feet and the last stick being a mid-line or a step down from a pic line that runs into your heart. The picture I'm using for this post was taken after the Nitro had taken and stopped my pain. I'm one happy momma on Nitro. Although pretty tiered....its like my heart had been rung out like a sponge would be for the last 24 hours.

The CVICU rules are strict when it comes to kids. My son has come to know ICU's and how to behave, not touch things and wash up after so he did not understand them telling him no. Finally on Mothers Day they let him in for 20 minutes. I hadn't seen him almost a week. I was in serious mommy depression. 20 minutes was not long enough for either of us but had to do. The next Wednesday they came down and they said they would give me 5 minutes with him in the room. I couldn't stand it. I begged to leave the unit and finally they gave in. I got a half an hour with him in the waiting room with a nurse there. I didn't care if they had to bring a posse with me I needed to see my son and hubby. It was so great to see them. No better medicine.

Unfortunately this visit to the hospital was not uneventful or strictly cardiac. I ended up on the ground unconscious two different times. Both times I received concussions but it was the 2nd time that really hurt. Thursday morning I asked to use the restroom. I remember waiting for my nurse in bed to help me up...that's about all I remember. He said I got up and when I was washing my hands before getting into bed I hit the ground. The sink is positioned in front of a window and the nurse on the other side of the window said that my face went blank and then I fell. The nurse in the room said I went almost straight back like a board and bounced on the ground. He said I woke up and asked if I got the soap off my hands. I only remember a whole bunch of people in the room and a lot going on. Long story short I am cleared with no fractures to my spine. However I do have ligament injury to my neck and upper back, bruising to my spine in the upper back and neck area. A good sore head so glad it did not split open on that dirty floor. I was having problems with reflexes in my right side after the fall and I bruised the bursa in my right elbow pretty good. My elbow is black and blue and swollen, very sore but still in working condition. My back is sore and I'm in a rigid or hard neck brace for 2 weeks until I am cleared by either a neurologist or ortho spine doc. I don't think I will be posting pics of the brace. Erin has one on her phone but those are not being sent out to many. It's like rubbing salt into my injury. I'm stubborn and want it off already of course.

In all the hospital did a great job being their first time with my heart and Nitro doses. They just got in and did it. Amazing. There are some med changes and I'm supposed to try cardiac rehab when I'm cleared with my spine in two weeks. I went into the ER on the 8th and came home the 17th. In the last two days I have felt amazing. I got to go to a kindergarten program for my son. Went out to dinner and have walked my dog both days! So so glad to be home. It's hard being away like that and its really hard for my 5 year old to understand why he can't see his mommy. He barely left my side the first few days home. It's good to be missed but I'd like to avoid time like that being gone. It's too hard for all involved.

My take away and something I have known but have been reminded of again is don't take for granted what you think is going to happen. Plans change and you might not be the one changing them. Love each moment you have with your loved ones and if away from them for a long period make sure they know you missed them.

Today is beautiful and tomorrow looks very promising. Keep smiling and as always I'll keep it beatin'.

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