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A bucket list. Some of us have one, some plan on doing one later, and some probably just plan on wingin' it and doing as much as possible with no list to be had. I had never thought of doing a list until January of 2011 when I started taking my first round of medications after being at the Mayo Clinic. I for sure thought I would get it all done. Two months was not long enough. Some of the things I did pass off, and some of the things I am working on. One of the things on my list that I did get done was buy new skis. Snow skis that is. My oh my are they fun. I used them until Bradach was 2. Almost every run on them I had a toddler between my legs though. I can't bare to sell them even though I am almost certain they need to go to a great home where they can be used the way they were built to be used. So maybe I will lend them out for people to take them places...traveling skis. Hmm...this could work for me! That way in case my body gets a wild itch to be healthy for a season I have them ready.

The reason I bring up bucket lists is Erin had an idea after reading this story about a girl who died and her parents found her bucket list. Through her parents and strangers things on that bucket list are being passed off. I mentioned doing this when I died, in 100 years of course. Erin thought that I should post my list and see how many things could get passed off. I love the idea! It's not your list, but they are my dreams and passions.

My list with a little more explination on some so you know what I was thinking:

1. Hike in some where (deep in the mountains) far away and camp for a week or more.

2. Go to Ireland. Specifically to hike and to look for family history.

3. Go to a pro football game.

4. Teach my kids to ski and rock climb

5. Get new skis (check)

6. Jump a wake (while wake boarding) I really wanted to be great at wakeboarding.

7. Go camping in the winter (yes snow must be present)

8. Golf at Banf Springs in Alberta, Canada

9. Learn to fly a helicopter

10. Go back to school and graduate college

11. Get my firefighter license and work at a station as both Medic and fire fighter.

12. Learn to speak Irish (taking lessons), Spanish (not great but have some down), German (have the software) and sign language (it's a work in progress)

13. Take a trip to South Africa and do humanity work

14. Go on a mission (with my husband when we were older)

15. Watch the sunset and sunrise on top of a mountain and on the ocean with my family.

16. Do the Muddy Angels Marathon (yes I wanted to do the whole shebang) that one was for Charl's my EMS brother RIP

17. Play in a fast pitch softball game again (uniform required)

18. Ride in hills or mountains for days or weeks with horses on a pack trip

19. Learn to play the bag pipes

20. Go on a cruise

21. Heli ski

22. Sky dive

23. Base jump into a cave and ascend the rope back up

24. Go on a train ride through the Rocky Mountains and Canadian Rockies with my family

25. Ride a half draft or full draft horse, not only ride but do a whimsical picture shoot with it

If this gets going we might have to start a new link on our site for the bucket list journey. I would hope people would write and post pics and videos through our e-mail, and we can post them for all to see. If you want it to stay private that's no problem for me. I already send my heart and spirit off on trips of all sorts with friends and family of mine. They usually shoot me a picture with a red thumb somewhere on a trail, mountain or river. I live my old ways through the experiences and pictures of others quite often.

I think I will also make me a new bucket list one that is all attainable to me. Now that my life has changed I can't give up on dreaming and doing it big. I just need to dream and do big in a different way. I'm glad I saved the list and I hope that some of these dreams of mine might be a challenge and get you out of your comfort zone. My new bucket list will contain some of the old list because they are things I can do. By all means if you want to join in on those as well go right ahead! I would love the company!

Reading over these I started many and gathered information on all. Please dream and don't forget to do what you dream! If your road changes directions take time to dream up more. Life does not end just because you find yourself lost on a different road.

Please message me at if you are thinking of doing, need any information on or have questions about any of this. I look forward to seeing this take off!

~Keepin' it Beatin'~

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