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The Journey continues...

A sleepy Brady (me) woke up late this morning. I rolled over to see this by my side. My mom had come by, not woken me up, and left this hand made book. This book is one of a kind. She makes them at her scrapbook store. She also makes kits with the paper and all you need to do is put it together. However this one is special. The ones at the store are made for people, especially women, with breast cancer. This one incorporates both my journey with my heart and my new journey as I was just diagnosed with breast cancer.

9/10/14 I went into the Huntsman Cancer Center in Utah that is connected with the University of Utah hospital where I'm being treated for my heart disease. That day I was scheduled for a heart check up and to get an ultrasound of some lumps that were found. The heart appointment went well. Showed that I'm about the same and we talked a little about my next move as to when to get my heart treated with Nitro again. The ultrasound appointment turned into 2 ultrasounds, 2 mammograms and 9 biopsies.

9/12/14 I got the phone call to confirm the biopsy in my left breast and axillary lymph nodes are positive for cancer. Phil was in the room at the time and I asked him for a pen so I could write down what she was saying. I mentioned that I had cancer while asking for the pen. He sat down. We glanced at each other and I took down the information.

Our conversation after that went a little along the lines of...Well, at least this is well studied. Sounds like you finally got something that can be cured! Here comes a new journey. How do you tell your parents about this? We were very rational, of course having heart disease has molded us for things like this. No use worrying over things you don't know about and no use worrying what is to come because you don't know.

As for treatment there are many decisions left to be made. My vessels are in very poor shape so any traditional treatment is out the door and we will be knocking on doors down the road looking for ways to treat. The first thing to do is surgery and that is on the 10/10/14. The type of surgery will be determined on my heart's capability to handle surgery and my genetic testing to know if this has a high probability of coming back. After surgery comes chemo and radiation and again this will all be tailored to my heart and what it can handle. I'm on my own timeline with tailored treatment. My heart doctor is well aware and called the oncologist the same day we got the results to let him know what kind of pt. they are dealing with.

I'll fight this fight like I fight every other one. With a positive attitude. Faith that my Father in Heaven is there beside me in every thing I do. Of course drawing strength from my family and friends. Trying to be the best role model for my son. The one thing I know I can control in my life is my attitude so that I will do.

I did want you all to know that the funding you have raised has now been redirected to travel funds for the many appointments I will have in UT. At one point I will be needing to stay there in 6 week increments for treatment. The doctors stated this will be a year long journey and a life long thing to keep in check. So very thankful for all of those who have donated money to help me. It is an essential thing that will be crucial to get me to and from the hospital. It is a 3 hour trip from the hospital to my bed but one that is necessary since the hospitals here cannot support my heart. So again thank you!

Lots of love and of course ALWAYS Keepin it Beatin,


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