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Hair today..Gone Tomorrow!

It's getting close to February, Women's Heart Health Month. I'm excited to be gearing up for another full month of heart awareness, wearing red and of course RED THUMB nail painting! I might not be able to get out, like I would love to, but wherever I am I'm always promoting and talking about the importance of being aware and taking care of yourself. Last time I blogged it was to let you all know my body decided to hike another trail that was a bit steep. Well, I'm still hiking and my heart is still beating. I got to spend the holidays with my family and was elated to get to spend so much time with my son while he was on school break. I was scheduled for chemotherapy on Christmas day but call it good luck my body was too weak to handle another round. So home I stayed and was happy...also not nauseated so I ate!

Chemo started off being an every other week appointment for 8 weeks. I made it through 3 of those rounds. That also included 3 reverse isolation hospitalizations(from a less than 0 white blood cell count), 4 blood transfusions, 1 stay in the hospital for my heart and many days in bed with chest pain and shortness of breath. I was not a weekend chemo pt. who went in on Friday and by Monday was at work. After those first few weeks of chemo they switched me to a different drug and only give me 40% of the dose each and every Monday. This will last for 12 sessions and I have 10 left. This has been easier on my body. I don't end up in the hospital for a non existent white blood cell count. My heart hurts, physically, and is relentless at making sure I know it does not appreciate chemo. I spend many days in bed, however it does not get me down. I'm reminded of how lucky I am when I get up for a drink and I trip over several pairs of little boy shoes. This reminds me that my little man, Bradach, comes to my bed side as soon as he comes home. He pulls off his shoes and leaves them for me to trip on...I mean remember he loves me first when he comes home.

He has taken up wall ball at school so he saved up his money and bought some of the rubber balls they use to play with. One of our favorite games to play is laying in bed bouncing the balls off the wall and catching it. We play different variations of this game. I brought this up because we are moving to a new home this week and I'm not sure the upstairs tenants are going to like our little game. If they say anything I'll just play the sympathy card..don't judge! I use what I have to...sometimes it might just might involve me flashing a bald head and sad eyes.

Here are a few pictures to capture some time I missed while on this new trail of mine.


This one was taken on Halloween 2014, I dind't get to go trick or treating but I did manage to put on some black lipstick and a Jack hat. My son went as Jack The Pumpkin King. This was taken right before the hair went away.


Who wouldn't want a kiss from this cutie!? He doesn't mind his bald momma. He used to love combing and playing with my hair. When we cut it he got a lock. We donated the rest of it to Locks of Love. He now loves to lotion my head.


These are some of the great fun things you can do with no hair. The bald head can be a great canvas. I had a professional paint it at Christmas (Bradach insisted). I thought to post that but I'm more proud to show what he can do. He loves color and no lines.


From us here in Idaho keep smiling, get those thumbs painted and I'll keep it beatin'!

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