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My 2nd leg of the race, DONE


A few weeks ago I was admitted to the hospital after a rough chemo infusion. I think my heart was saying that it was finished with this stuff. I think the world of the hospital and staff and docs that I see but they are people. They made the mistake of trying to increase my blood pressure by giving me fluids. This is no good with someone in heart failure. I wasn't going to post this pic but I think reality is a good lesson sometimes.

My vessels are so small and my heart was not beating hard enough to profuse properly. I gained almost 25 lbs. in the first 2 days of being in the hospital and am still trying to loose it without the aid of my diuretics. So besides my poofy face in this pic is one of my favorite and most important keys to my healing process. He is wearing one of the hats given to me that make his little ears stick out. He is whistling. Something I love. I am out of the hospital now. It was only a 12 day stay where they took me off of a lot of medications since chemo was effecting my blood pressure so much. I'm guessing that I will be back on most of the meds when the chemo clears out of my body.


While my son, Bradach, visits he usually takes over my nurses boards and draws me something special. So here is his art this time. It is the fam, notice I have no hair and a wicked looking heart. I love our striped dog.


This was my last infusion. I got many hugs and high fives. A new blanket to cuddle with and a certificate of completion. Now that infusion is over, 15 of them, I get to start on radiation. The doc reminded me how important the radiation will be since they did not get all of the cancer out during surgery. So I will start that process on the 10th of April.


This is what the nurses and docs from the infusion room gave me. They were all so sweet to me. I'm so glad I was able to have so much family support and a mom that made the trips to SLC, UT a great part of my week. She was such a fun traveling partner. She never complained either about having to take care of me and sometimes that required tears to muscle to get it done. I love her so much.

Looking forward to the race that is coming up. I was hoping on being there at the finish this year like last year. However radiation is 5 days a week and that wont give us time to get to CA to enjoy your company. Thank you all who support this cause by participating in all ways. Thank you to those that donate as well. I'm excited to see how the funds will start to help so many. There just is not enough support for women's heart health.

Take care of yourselves and I will enjoy my few weeks off of treatment. Keepin' it beatin' as always. Brady

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