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Nitro under the Christmas tree!

I'm a little late with this post but after my last post I couldn't not update you all on the Nitro situation. I'm in a support group for my heart and part of that support group we help others finding doctors, support, medication and much more. A lead from a heart sister took me to my insurance's mail in pharmacy. I usually make it to my pharmacy in town about once a week to get refills on my medications. It runs us around $200 a month for my medications with insurance. I love the people at my pharmacy and they help me out so much however when I called to find my Nitro with the mail in pharmacy there was a difference in cost that I can't ignore. They only deliver your medications in 3 month increments at a time. I take a lot of meds and I can only imagine what room I will fill up in my house when I get all of my meds in. So the great part of this is not just that I won't have to go to the pharmacy every week but that for a 3 month supply that would cost me $600 now cost me $160. I couldn't believe the difference so who can blame me for switching. Here is my glorious picture of my favorite gift under the Christmas tree this year. Happy 2017, I hope it brings you all health and happiness!

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